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SPRING SALE IS NOW ON : Get 15% off on products

SPRING SALE IS NOW ON : Get 15% off on products


Round brilliant cuts are overwhelmingly the most popular shape, followed by princess cut diamonds. Rounds are the classic, traditional cut that are most desired since this is typically the first large jewelry purchase. Also, because tradition is deep

Do you provide any guarantees for your jewellery?

Pride Diamond itself in the fact that all aspects of making the jewellery are personally looked at the Mr.Sunith Samdaria, a person whose experience pans for more than 20 years in the diamond business, right from sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, t

What happens if I am unhappy with how the jewellery has turned out finally?

If, for some reason, the piece of jewellery is not as you had envisioned it, the client shall be under no obligation to take the jewellery, no questions asked.

Do you work with clients diamonds/gemstones?


Do you offer repair services?


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